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AWS API Gateway REST APIs (v1)

We help clients build serverless REST APIs by leveraging AWS API Gateway which is a fully managed service by AWS. We have an entire deep dive course on the topic which has over 800 students. The combination of our IAC (Infrastructure as Code) experience coupled with our deep application development knowledge means we can stand up REST APIs quickly.

Behind our AWS API Gateway REST APIs we will configure either service proxies to skip over some application code, reducing development time and overhead or we will setup AWS Lambda functions written in NodeJS or Python which will accept the request coming in and process accordingly.

AWS API Gateway HTTP APIs (v2)

Recently AWS came out with a new slimmed down version of AWS API Gateway which aimed to decrease complexity thus increasing developer productivity.

Our team has worked with clients to help build AWS API Gateway HTTP APIs or AWS API Gateway V2 APIs as well as migrate from AWS API Gateway V1 (AWS API Gateway REST APIs) to AWS API Gateway V2. Here is a link to an article we wrote about the migration process.

There are a lot of caveats that you need to be aware of when building AWS API Gateway HTTP APIs. Some are with the vocabulary differences and feature support, but a lot of them are hidden.

These hidden caveats are when it comes to automating the deployment of HTTP APIs where IAC (Infrastructure as Code) support can often be lacking from using AWS API Gateway REST APIs or v1 which is often considered the backbone of serverless applications on AWS because of how long it’s been released and the support from IAC (Infrastructure as Code) frameworks like the Serverless Framework.

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