Serverless development requires a fresh perspective of the
software development lifecycle.

Why work with us?

Serverless development has a steep learning curve and can take years to learn from scratch. Add confidence to your projects by having dedicated Serverless Guru developer(s) on your team(s).

How do you work with us?

After filling out our form, we will contact your company to learn more about the initiatives you have running and how we can help either on the consulting front or having our developers integrated into your team.

What are the benefits?

Our team of serverless development experts will integrate into your team(s) and help you lay a strong serverless foundation through building patterns, services, and providing training around new use-cases.


At Serverless Guru, we help clients with backend application development through integrating into client development teams or through clients hiring a few of our developers to act as the client backend team.

We typically build backends with NodeJS and Python leveraging AWS with a hyper focus on serverless solutions, increasing developer velocity while limiting operational overhead.

For some teams, serverless may be the more complex option, however Serverless Guru’s average developer / architect has over 3 years of developing serverless applications on AWS which is rare and also means we have the tools, knowledge, and patterns to build quickly without spinning our wheels on what approach is best.

API Development

At Serverless Guru, we help our clients build serverless APIs to power modern software applications. We will integrate into client teams to gather domain knowledge, create domain boundaries, and then develop IAC (Infrastructure as Code) and application code which allows for easily replicating environments that mirror production with dials to adjust expensive resource settings for development.

Your serverless guide

Adopting serverless like any new technology is a leap. Your organization needs to adapt to the change in roles, responsibilities, technology, and new methods of building applications. Don’t just adopt serverless because it’s new, maximize the power of serverless and build the future of your business.

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