24/7 Serverless Support

We help Fortune 100+ development teams debug, troubleshoot, and speed up delivery while adopting serverless.


Adopting serverless takes time. Time is money.

Skilled serverless developers take time to nurture and grow.

If you want to move quickly and you probably do, then give your developers a phone to dial when they need it.

We offer 24/7 support with integrated Slack channels.


After filling out our form, we will contact your company to learn more about why you're looking for serverless consulting and evaluate if our offering is the right fit.


Your company will have direct access to our team of serverless experts to ask questions 24hrs/day.

We will help with best practices, support on serverless-related issues, code reviews, and general guidance.

Your team will have access to our turnkey support platform which will streamline communication from your team to ours.

Adopt serverless and rocket into the future 🚀

Support is Critical

Adopting serverless like any new technology is a leap.

All parts of the organization need to adapt to the change in roles, responsibilities, technology, and new methods of building applications.

Don't just adopt serverless because it's new, maximize the move to serverless and find a serverless consulting partner that shares that vision.

What Our

Clients Say

We hired Serverless Guru to help us with a multi-year serverless transformation involving training, support for our developers, consulting on best practices, and implementation of critical projects. Serverless Guru has helped us rapidly accelerate our serverless journey and we are happy to have a strong partnership with their team.

Suresh Subasinghe, Director of Digitial Platform Architecture
Air Canada

I worked closely with the Serverless Guru team during an enterprise serverless migration for a Fortune 100+ company. The team handled everything thrown at them and more. I would happily work with Serverless Guru again.

Bill Fine, VP of Product
Serverless Inc.

Serverless Guru helped us with an AWS cloud migration by translating our application to AWS services, building least-privilege and highly scalable IAC, and building multi-stage CI/CD pipelines. I would recommend Serverless Guru.

Hugh Kelsey, CTO
Connect Rocket Communications Inc.

Serverless Guru developed a serverless backend and best practice IAC with the Serverless Framework for our backend and frontend applications. Their work has really helped streamline our development cycles.

Jason Alcaraz, CTO
BuildCenter Inc.

We were looking to improve our development workflow with Serverless Framework on AWS for our development team. Serverless Guru helped re-build and migrate our services, optimizing performance and deployment speeds.

Dave Squires, CTO
Twenty Over Ten