24/7 Serverless Support

Outages happen, the key is to be proactive and establish infrastructure to limit impact.

Why use our support team?

When things go wrong, you want a phone you can dial.

Skilled serverless developers take time to nurture and grow.

Our serverless support doesn't just respond, we proactively put measures in place to ensure impact is minimal.

How do you hire us?

Check out our new website, to learn more about our support plans!

What are the benefits?

We will help with best practices, support on serverless-related issues, code reviews, and general guidance.

‍Direct access to our team of serverless experts to ask questions 24hrs/day through an integrated slack channel and phone numbers you can dial.

Adopt serverless and rocket into the future 🚀

Support is Critical

Serverless support is critical when trying to roll out an org wide initiative or build a killer new project.

All parts of the organization need to adapt to the change in roles, responsibilities, technology, and new methods of building applications.

Don't just adopt serverless because it's new, maximize the move to serverless and find a serverless consulting partner that shares that vision.

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