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Overcoming the learning curve of AWS Serverless Development is not an easy task. Work with us and rely on our Serverless Guru experts to accelerate your progress and boost confidence in your projects.

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We are eager to help you realize your vision and accelerate your AWS serverless development journey together. Here's a breakdown of our collaborative process, designed to ensure a smooth and efficient pathway to AWS Serverless implementation.

We're ready to help you build cutting edge APIs whether it's API Gateway, AppSync, or anything in between. Our team consists of more than 75+ Serverless Developers & Architects who have delivered hundreds of successful projects to our clients.


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Based on our conversation and analysis of your needs, we'll define the best mode of collaboration. Whether it's providing specialized consulting or integrating our developers into your team, our mission is to help you maximize the power of serverless.

AWS Serverless Backend Development

At Serverless Guru, we seamlessly merge with your teams to supercharge your AWS Serverless Backend development process.

We provide the option for you to augment your current team with our seasoned developers or establish a dedicated AWS Serverless backend team exclusively for your project. Our forte lies in crafting efficient backends using NodeJS, Python, Java, C#, and more along with AWS, to offer state-of-the-art serverless solutions. This streamlined approach amplifies your team's productivity while significantly reducing operational overhead and upstart time.

While serverless may appear complex for some, we're proud to highlight our developers' unique advantage: an average experience of over 3+ years developing production serverless applications on AWS. This depth of expertise equips us with proven tools, comprehensive knowledge, and tried-and-true patterns, ensuring rapid and efficient solutions without wasting time deliberating on the optimal approach. Trust Serverless Guru to propel your AWS Serverless backend aspirations into the future.

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Streamlining API Development

Engage with Serverless Guru to architect robust serverless APIs that will power your modern software applications. Whether it's REST APIs with API Gateway or GraphQL APIs with AppSync we can do it all.

By integrating with your teams, we gather essential domain knowledge, establish clear boundaries, and develop Infrastructure as Code (IAC) to automate repeatable multi-stage and multi-region deployments.

This approach enables us to create application code designed for easy replication of production-like environments, complete with adjustable settings to control resource consumption during development. Embark on a seamless serverless journey with us today.

Mason Toberny
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”We engaged Serverless Guru for a serverless transformation, involving training, developer support, and project implementation. They've accelerated our serverless journey, and we're pleased with our strong partnership.”
Suresh Subasinghe
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"I worked closely with the Serverless Guru team during an enterprise serverless migration for a Fortune 100+ company. The team handled everything thrown at them and more. I would happily work with Serverless Guru again”
Bill Fine
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"Serverless Guru, LLC has been an invaluable partner to Hyatt’s Personalization efforts. The quality of resources is unparalleled and affordable at the same time. We really appreciate the partnership with Serverless Guru.
Abhijit Patil
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MarTech & Personalization
Platforms - Hyatt

Transform Your Business with the power of Serverless on AWS!

Integrating AWS Serverless technology is a monumental step that demands a solid foundation and a significant shift in roles, responsibilities, and methods of building applications. But with our expert team by your side, this transformation becomes a rewarding journey.

Our AWS Serverless development experts will integrate into your team, helping to construct patterns, services, and providing training on new use cases, all tailored to maximize the value of your serverless implementations.

Don't just adopt serverless because it's new - let us guide you to unleash its true power and build the future of your business with confidence and clarity.

REST APIs with AWS API Gateway
GraphQL APIs with AWS AppSync
Async APIs with API Gateway or AppSync
Offline APIs with API Gateway or AppSync

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