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Serverless Consulting

Our team is globally sourced, best-in-class and we actively deliver high quality results to the largest brands in the world. Serverless adoption presents unique challenges and our team knows how to solve them. Standardizing, transferring knowledge, planning migrations, re-architecting, and anticipating gaps are always difficult.

Serverless Development

We bring the serverless best practice knowledge alongside soft skills that drive initiatives forward on budget and time. Serverless development has a steep learning curve and can take years to learn from scratch. Add confidence to your projects by having dedicated Serverless Guru developer(s) on your team(s).


We offer online workshops and custom proof of concept to lay a foundation for your entire development team.

What Our Clients Say

Our Case Studies

Serverless Best Practices for Twenty Over Ten

Twenty Over Ten is a digital marketing platform for the modern financial advisor. Twenty Over Ten offers a robust set of tools to streamline the website development process including drag-n-drop user interface for building pages, SSL, advanced blogging capabilities, and much more.

The Tooling That Saved $2.25 Million On AWS

This client was in need of developers who were skilled with cloud architecture, cloud development, application development, and serverless for an initiative to eliminate legacy virtual machines in favor of containers. They also wanted to evaluate the role serverless could play in this migration.

Building a 100% Serverless Platform

BuildCenter is a bay area startup that is working to revolutionize how contracting companies manage all parts of their operations.

Our Company

We love to take on challenges, face the unknown, and be on the forefront of serverless innovation. Helping companies and people realize their full potential gives us energy.

Our Templates

Kafka with Amazon MSK and Serverless Framework

End to End Amazon MSK IaC for running Kafka on AWS

Serverless API Gateway Service Proxy

How to build a service proxy with API Gateway

Deploy IaC to Multiple AWS Accounts

Reusable CI/CD scripts for AWS deployments

Our Blog

Building a Step Functions Workflow With SAM, AppSync, & Python

PART 3: In this article, we’ll look at how to build a Step Functions Workflow using SAM as IaC, AppSync, and Python.

Mistakes to Sidestep When Going For A Serverless Design

Moving on from legacy monolithic coding patterns to a distributed micro-service design approach can get tricky, but arming yourself with basic knowledge can significantly help your serverless journey.

Load Testing Serverless Applications With Serverless Artillery

Load testing is an important part when you are designing any type of application, whether it is traditional EC2 based, container-based, or a complete serverless application.

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