About Serverless Guru

Serverless Guru specializes in serverless consulting for Fortune1 00+ companies looking to accelerate their serverless adoption.

What We Believe

Why We Do It

We love to take on challenges, face the unknown, and be on the forefront of innovation. Helping companies and people realize their full potential gives us energy.

What We Do

We work with Fortune100+ companies helping them understand serverless, adopt serverless, and transition their existing developers to be effective with serverless.

How We Do It

We meet with a clients leadership, work to understand their unique context and how serverless fits, integrate into their teams, and push the serverless adoption forward.

Our Team

The talented team at Serverless Guru

Ryan Jones

Founder, CEO/CTO

Josh Proto

VP of Operations

Gary Jennings

Senior Serverless Developer

Fiim Jones

Senior Serverless Developer

Mohammed Izzy

Senior Serverless Developer

Vishnu Prasad

Senior Serverless Developer

Almir Zulic

Senior Serverless Developer

Jonathan DeGroot


Ahnika Littlefield


Edu Marcos

Senior Serverless Developer

Bril Lopez

Senior Full Stack Developer

Yann Stoneman

Senior Cloud Architect

Will Peixoto

Senior Serverless Architect

Adam Hadlock

Senior Full Stack Developer

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