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Senior Serverless Developer

March 10, 2021
Full Time

In this role you will be a full stack cloud developer working with AWS, Serverless, and NodeJS to help build next generation products for clients globally. We are looking for those that are passionate about serverless and cloud native technologies who have experience implementing distributed event driven architectures at scale in production.

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At Serverless Guru, we offer training, consulting, and development services to companies looking to leverage serverless to streamline their application development into the future.

We help grow serverless talent, architect next generation software, and develop new services within these companies through comprehensive training and through joint collaboration between our team and the clients team.

Outside of client work we actively create content around serverless to help educate the community and provide companies of all sizes with the knowledge necessary to be successful with serverless development.

Some Qualities We Look For

  • Work Ethic

  • Adaptability

  • Communication Skills

  • Honesty

  • Technical Competency

  • Community Engagement

  • Growth Mindset

  • Reliability

We help clients build production-ready enterprise Serverless applications from end to end including architecture design/consulting, POC development, and implementation. The role is demanding, but there is a lot of growth opportunity to sharpen every aspect of your development skillset. Strong communication skills will be helpful when talking during meetings, recording videos on patterns you’ve developed, and garnering trust from clients.

The Serverless Guru team is composed of highly skilled consultants from all around the world. We take a lot of pride in having such a global footprint and our culture is one of a kind because of it.