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The key to a successful development team lies in continuous skill acquisition. We're here to empower your existing team with in-depth AWS Serverless knowledge we aquired through helping real businesses adopt, migrate, and build AWS serverless solutions at scale.

Embarking on an AWS Serverless Learning Journey

Your business's domain knowledge and understanding of existing applications are invaluable assets. We believe in strengthening your team's skills rather than replacing them.

Leveraging our knowledgeable consultants to empower your existing team has a multiplier effect on productivity and effectiveness.


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Tailoring Your Training:

Your projects and team dynamics are unique. At this stage, we delve deeper into understanding your specific requirements to tailor a training program that best suits your needs.

Delivering Targeted Training

Based on our evaluation, we will deliver a serverless training program specifically tailored to your needs. Our training encompasses reusable patterns, videos, and presentations, all designed to help your team accelerate migrations and increase productivity.

Taking the journey to AWS Serverless Excellence

Get started by filling out our form, and we'll connect with your team to understand your needs for AWS Serverless help.

From there, we can determine the most suitable training program for you.

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Experience the Benefits of Tailored Training

Once we have the context for your unique projects, team experience, and existing applications, we will develop a tailored serverless training program to establish a strong foundation and accelerate migrations.

Our training includes reusable AWS Serverless patterns, videos, and presentations, curated for your unique needs.

Mason Toberny
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”We engaged Serverless Guru for a serverless transformation, involving training, developer support, and project implementation. They've accelerated our serverless journey, and we're pleased with our strong partnership.”
Suresh Subasinghe
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Architecture - Aircanada
"I worked closely with the Serverless Guru team during an enterprise serverless migration for a Fortune 100+ company. The team handled everything thrown at them and more. I would happily work with Serverless Guru again”
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"Serverless Guru, LLC has been an invaluable partner to Hyatt’s Personalization efforts. The quality of resources is unparalleled and affordable at the same time. We really appreciate the partnership with Serverless Guru.
Abhijit Patil
Regional VP - Head of
MarTech & Personalization
Platforms - Hyatt

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Our comprehensive serverless development course has trained over 1,500+ students worldwide.

Clients are continually impressed by the workshops and live training sessions we prepare. Instead of generic training, we tailor it to fit your business needs. Embark on a transformative learning journey with Serverless Guru today.

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