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Frequently Asked Questions

You might find your queries answered in our frequently asked questions. If not, our team is always a click away to assist further.
  • What exactly is "serverless" technology?
    Serverless doesn't mean "without servers." It refers to a cloud computing model where cloud providers automatically manage the infrastructure. Developers focus on writing code, and the execution, scaling, and infrastructure maintenance are handled automatically.
  • How does serverless differ from traditional cloud hosting?
    In traditional cloud hosting, you reserve and manage specific server resources. With serverless, you don't manage the servers. Instead, you deploy individual functions or applications, and the cloud provider handles the execution, scaling, and server maintenance.
  • How can Serverless Guru help my company transition to serverless?
    Serverless Guru specializes in end-to-end serverless solutions. We provide consultation, training, and development services. Our team works closely with yours, offering tailored solutions to ensure a smooth transition and ongoing success with serverless technology.
  • Is serverless more cost-effective than traditional hosting?
    Often, yes. With serverless, you pay for the actual compute time and resources your functions use, not reserved capacity. However, cost benefits vary depending on the use case. It's best to evaluate the specific needs of your application.
  • What platforms or providers does Serverless Guru primarily work with?
    We specialize in AWS serverless technologies. However, our expertise spans multiple cloud platforms. Depending on your requirements and goals, we can guide you on the best serverless solutions for your needs.