Migrating 3 Billion Requests Per Month To Serverless

The Strategic Migration of 3 Billion Monthly Requests to Serverless with Serverless Guru

About The Client

This client had a lot they needed to handle, namely, running services that consistently hit three billion requests per month while managing onsite and remote teams throughout North America, Central Europe, and India. Finally, this client had seen the benefits of serverless, yet lacked the in-house experience to execute confidently, rapidly, and according to best practices.

The Challenge

This client was looking to migrate an existing system with 3 billion requests per month to serverless utilizing their global team of 30+ developers. They needed to move from using one serverless application IAC (Infrastructure as Code) solution to another, amongst a series of other challenges, deciding to make the shift from AWS SAM (Serverless Application Model) to the Serverless Framework. Switching away from AWS SAM to the Serverless Framework allowed them to supercharge their development team’s productivity since the Serverless Framework proved more flexible and compatible with other cloud providers and improved project lifecycle maintenance. Being able to utilize the extensive open source community around the Serverless Framework was also a desirable plus.


They needed to level up their developers quickly with the Serverless Framework and ensure that best practices were being hit from the start. The development team was also operating under tight deadlines to migrate 20+ services to this new pattern.

Overall, our client had three key obstacles standing between them and their goal:

  • How to migrate 3 billion requests per month to serverless using your global team of 30+ developers?
  • How to ensure your team is well supported and understands how to build new features in this new system?
  • How to implement new standards to increase the quality of future software?

Serverless Guru understood these challenges and knew that the best approach was to lay a solid foundation for the development team to ensure their success over the long term. We got to work with the team onsite, designing patterns and migrating key services ourselves to act as teaching blueprints. Then, we assisted in writing comprehensive documentation, allowing the team to continue the collaborative and team oriented development culture we were able to kick off. Serverless Guru continues to provide remote support and training sessions for key teams and projects.

Why Serverless Guru

The client needed to ensure their massive serverless migration was a success and needed confidence that everyone from the CTO to the individual developers were well supported. That’s why Serverless Guru was the perfect fit. We were able to commit our team’s expertise to the organizations’ final end goal, finding a way to sustainably manage billions of requests every month with the Serverless Framework.

Serverless Guru exists to help companies around the globe on each step of their serverless journey and help them actualize the benefits of using serverles at scale. We do that through helping companies understand where serverless fits and where it doesn’t. We are a team full of serverless experts and the #1 Serverless Development Partner.

Please reach out today and a team member can help you plan out a roadmap for reaching your serverless goals.

Migrating 3 Billion Requests Per Month To Serverless

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