Supercharging Sales Campaigns: Streamlining Email Automation with SalesGraph

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About SalesGraph

SalesGraph is a full-suite sales and email campaign automation tool designed to streamline the often convoluted world of lead management and email marketing. The platform provides a unified system to import sales leads, manage, view and filter leads, automate follow-up emails, and offers powerful analytics. Developed with an understanding of the varying roles within organizations, it enables unique workflows for different types of contacts and incorporates features like automatic opt-out links, reply tracking, and a detailed reporting dashboard.

The Challenge

SalesGraph, being a greenfield project, needed to start from scratch to build a comprehensive system that could handle diverse tasks seamlessly. They needed to incorporate a variety of complex features like importing and managing sales leads, creating email templates, automating personalized email campaigns, and setting unique workflows for different types of contacts. The requirement to set different cadences for follow-up emails and to offer in-depth analytics added further layers of complexity. Moreover, the project required integration with various AWS services including API Gateway, SES, DynamoDB, and SQS. Considering the scope and complexity of the project, it was clear that expert guidance and implementation were needed to bring the SalesGraph vision to life.


To overcome the challenges, SalesGraph collaborated with Serverless Guru, known for their expertise in serverless application development. Serverless Guru developed a comprehensive strategy that addressed each aspect of SalesGraph's requirements.

The Serverless Guru team constructed a robust system capable of importing, managing, and filtering sales leads from various sources. They also built a powerful template manager that lets users draft and save personalized emails based on the client's type and role.

They developed a unique system to automate follow-up emails with set cadences and included automatic opt-out links in the emails. They also integrated a queue system to provide real-time insight into the workflow transitions and the timing of the outgoing emails.

Serverless Guru implemented AWS services, such as API Gateway, Lambda, DynamoDB, SES, SNS, and SQS for the backend and AWS S3 and Cloudfront for the frontend. They used the Serverless Framework to build both the backend and the frontend of the system, with ReactJS for frontend development and NodeJS with AWS Lambda for the backend development.

Jonathan Park
CTO at SalesGraph

”The collaboration with Serverless Guru made the creation of SalesGraph a smooth and efficient process. We didn’t always know what we wanted or needed, but Serverless Guru helped us break down our vision into bite sized pieces and navigate the implementation. They utilized their deep knowledge of AWS and experience in serverless technology to help us build an effective and efficient sales and email automation platform. Their professionalism, soft skills, and leadership are truly the gold standard.”


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