Serverless Best Practices for Twenty Over Ten

Optimizing Digital Success with Cutting-Edge Serverless Best Practices on AWS.

About Twenty Over Ten

Twenty Over Ten is a digital marketing platform for the modern financial advisor. Twenty Over Ten offers a robust set of tools to streamline the website development process including drag-n-drop user interface for building pages, SSL, advanced blogging capabilities, and much more.

"We believe that strong design and accessibility should be at the core of your business. Simply put, Twenty Over Ten leads the industry in empowering financial advisors to easily build beautiful & unique websites."

The Challenge

Twenty Over Ten was working on a new project code named Lead Pilot and had already built out most of the services and backend architecture using serverless technologies. However, there were issues arising around slow deployments, deeply nested stacks, extra complexity, performance issues, and not fully knowing all the nuances of serverless to incorporate serverless best practices.


Twenty Over Ten could have spent time focused on learning how to address each gap in the Lead Pilot serverless application, but this may have taken weeks or possibly months to research and even more time to fully migrate, which would have been a distraction from the goal of delivering a quality application to users.

Instead, Twenty Over Ten enlisted
the help of Serverless Guru.

Serverless Guru then drafted a series of improvements that Twenty Over Ten could make and demoed a single service transitioned to this new proposed structure. The final migration involved breaking apart a single monolithic service into roughly 30 services which were decoupled and broken apart by domain boundaries.

These changes helped:

  • Improve Development Workflow
  • Reduce Operational Complexity
  • Accelerate Deployment Speed
  • Improve AWS Lambda Performance

Some additional areas Serverless Guru helped address:

  • Untangling deeply nested stacks and accelerating deployment speeds through domain based IAC (Infrastructure-as-code) separation;
  • Reducing the average AWS Lambda function to less than 5MB which helps avoid cold start issues and improves performance;
  • Reorganizing application code to further increase maintainability and keep with modern development best practices.
Dave Squires
CTO of Twenty Over Ten

"We were looking to streamline our development workflow with Serverless Framework on AWS for our development team. Serverless Guru helped rebuild and migrate our services to optimize performance and deployment speeds."

Twenty Over Ten

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