Serverless Guru Achieves AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

Serverless Guru achieves AWS Advanced Partner

Serverless Guru has achieved AWS Advanced Partner alongside achieving AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon API Gateway service deliveries. My name is Ryan Jones, founder of Serverless Guru; thank you for celebrating this accomplishment with us!

AWS Advanced Partner

From the inception of the company, achieving AWS Advanced Partner was one of our North Stars.

Today I’m happy to announce that the AWS Advanced Partner North Star has been reached!

This achievement is monumental for us as an organization because it’s required us to grow from a less than 6 person consulting shop to over 30 strong. Alongside our team growth, we’ve grown our client list too. Helping building production serverless applications at companies like AirCanada, Hyatt, and Lottery.

It’s also required dedicated hours of study, meetings, and planning to not only pass AWS certifications, but build a strong relationship with AWS across all of our client projects.

Not only have we been able to come together as an organization unified by this single goal, but in the process, we achieved the AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, and Amazon DynamoDB service deliveries which distinguishes Serverless Guru further as true AWS Serverless Gurus.

Our team

Our team operates from across the globe in places such as the US, Canada, Brazil, India, Bosnia, Tunisia, Indonesia, Cameroon, New Zealand, Germany, Spain, and Nigeria.

We span almost every timezone on Earth and every continent, but Antartica.

We are a group of serverless experts and this is only the beginning of our story!

Our Services

Serverless Guru helps clients build serverless applications on AWS. We specialize in the construction of production serverless workloads. We know what to avoid, where to double down, how to optimize costs, accelerate the build process, and standardize across developers and teams.

If you want to learn more about how we can help with your serverless journey on AWS, please reach out to us by filling out our sales form (below) or emailing us at

If you’re interested in working for Serverless Guru, check out our careers page.

It takes a village

Special thank you to the team at Serverless Guru and to everyone who has supported us through the last four years.

See you next time :)

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