A Serverless Application Without Backend Code

About the client

This client was looking to build an application which would have little to no operational overhead, leverage as many fully managed services as possible, build a working application quickly, and have high levels of automation to ensure the application was repeatable.

So serverless was the perfect choice.

The Challenge

The client had an understanding that serverless was the best option to build the application based on a series of requirements, including a tight deadline. However, they lacked the in-house experience to move the needle within their projected timeframe.

The client was also needing to develop new features, plan and build serverless infrastructure, and needed to minimize backend code to reduce downstream maintenance costs.

The Solution

Serverless Guru understood these challenges and knew that the best approach was to utilize the Serverless Framework for the IAC (Infrastructure as Code) to ensure predictable and repeatable deployments.

Serverless Guru also knew that a common way to achieve less code in the backend was to leverage a fully managed GraphQL solution called AWS AppSync and a fully managed database called Amazon DynamoDB.

The combination of these services would mean the application would require practically no code for the bulk of operations such as creating, updating, deleting, and reading from the application databases. No backend code meant there was no code to troubleshoot, no code that would break, and no unpredictable downstream costs for future maintenance.

Alongside the API implementation, Serverless Guru created an optimized SEO web application built using ReactJS, Gatsby, AWS Amplify and hosted on AWS.

Due to the tight deadline, Serverless Guru worked diligently with the client to actively cut away non-critical features to stay on schedule, ensuring that the client was investing time into the most important areas of their application and their business.

Why Serverless Guru

The client needed to meet a series of strict requirements in a timely fashion while working with an entirely serverless infrastructure. They also did not have the experience themselves and needed serverless experts to quickly understand the application’s context and how this application would map to serverless infrastructure.

Due to these factors, the client sought out skilled serverless development consultants to help fill this gap. The client found Serverless Guru, listed as the #1 featured serverless consulting partner for serverless.com. Serverless Guru was the perfect fit for this project due to having a staff of expert serverless consultants skilled in full stack application development.

Serverless Guru was also the right choice because of our ability to step into a CTO type role as needed to ensure the project was a success. At Serverless Guru, we are not another pair of hands, but a development partner that is trusted by many.

Serverless Guru exists to help companies around the globe on each step of their serverless journey and help them actualize the benefits of using serverless at scale. We do that through helping companies understand where serverless fits and where it doesn’t. We are a team full of serverless experts and the #1 Serverless Development Partner.

Next Step

To learn more about how to work with Serverless Guru, fill our contact form or email our team at projects@serverlessguru.com.

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