#40 - Nader Dabit


July 30, 2021

On our 40th episode, Nader Dabit returns for another talk with our host Ryan Jones. In his own words, Nader is: “Currently working to help build the decentralized future at Edge and Node.” Nader specializes in many serverless technologies, and brings a great deal of knowledge and skill to his new position-- he was previously employed as a Developer Advocate for Front End Web and Mobile at AWS. Now at Edge and Node, he helps with projects focused on organizing blockchain data and making it easily accessible with products like "The Graph". A believer in the power of web 3.0, Nader shares his feelings on the future of the internet, and how to best succeed in it.

In this episode hear:

  • An overview of blockchain, decentralized apps, and graph protocol
  • The accessibility and functionality of web 3.0
  • Skills that translate well  to starting to Ethereum/blockchain development
  • And much more!

Find Nader on Twitter @dabit3