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Designed especially for forward-thinking CTOs, Lead Architects, and tech trailblazers like you, this book is more than just a learning experience—it's an invitation to reshape the future.

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Join us as we unravel the secrets of serverless architecture using the AWS Well-Architected Framework's Serverless Lens. Designed especially for forward-thinking CTOs, Lead Architects, and tech trailblazers like you, this book is more than just a learning experience—it's an invitation to reshape the future. Through interactive exercises and real-world insights, we'll journey together, exploring how to organize, prepare, operate, and evolve in the serverless realm. By the end, you won't just have knowledge; you'll have a vision. Ready to transform your serverless operations and lead the way? Let's get started.



Serverless represents a paradigm shift towards application development without traditional infrastructure concerns, emphasizing scalability, efficiency, and value delivery.


The Six Pillars

A well-architected stack focuses on Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency, Cost Optimization, and Sustainability.


Operacional Excellence

Operational excellence focuses on efficient software development and exceptional customer experience, guiding towards robust, agile serverless architecture.



Serverless security demands a holistic strategy, integrating endpoint control, AWS service fortification, network security, data protection, and proactive incident management.



Serverless architectures offer unique reliability challenges, addressed through intelligent throttling, asynchronous operations, and robust failure management strategies.


Performance Efficiency

Serverless redefines performance efficiency with tailored resource allocation, service-specific optimization, and continuous review to adapt and improve.


Cost Optimization

Cost optimization in serverless is continuous, focusing on selecting cost-effective resources, maintaining expenditure awareness, and optimizing over time for balance.



Serverless computing, exemplified by Amazon Lambda and DynamoDB, promotes energy efficiency with its event-driven model, reducing the tech industry's carbon footprint.

The authors are real Serverless Gurus

Almir Zulic
Principal Developer
Community Builder
Almir's tech journey began in the '90s, transforming with AWS Lambda in 2014, embracing event-driven architecture.
Daniel Muller
Staff Developer
Community Builder
Daniel's DevOps journey started with racks and servers, adopted AWS in 2011, and fully embraced serverless in 2016.
Paul Chin Jr.
AWS Community Builder
Paul explores technology, art, and business, advocating for accessibility and community growth. He's created markets and platforms.

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