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We help clients build serverless GraphQL APIs by leveraging AWS AppSync which is a fully managed service by AWS that has tight integrations with other AWS services such as AWS Lambda, AWS DynamoDB, AWS API Gateway, etc.

AWS AppSync Service Integrations

These tight integrations allow us to rapidly build GraphQL APIs while keeping our overhead minimal as we can do powerful things like remove backend code completely by leveraging VTL (Velocity Template Language) templates to directly proxy requests to our AppSync API to AWS DynamoDB or AWS API Gateway (for example).

This is powerful because we’ve abstracted away the NodeJS application code which typically sits behind our AppSync API or GraphQL API to process the request and either save it in a NoSQL database like AWS DynamoDB or forward to another API endpoint.

Meaning we save time on debugging, testing, etc. It’s not always the best solution as complexity increases, but for simpler operations which undoubtedly every application requires we can shortcut the development process which keeps all of our focus on the application code which differentiates our product.

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