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Serverless Guru specializes in serverless consulting for Fortune100+ companies looking to accelerate their serverless adoption.


Serverless adoption at the enterprise level presents unique challenges. Standardizing, knowledge transfer, and communication are all common breakdowns. Mix in a new emerging technology like serverless and breakdowns happen.


After filling out our form, we will contact your company to learn more about why you're looking for serverless consulting and evaluate if our offering is the right fit.


Your company will have direct access to our team of serverless consulting experts who are actively working as top grade serverless consultants around the globe for major brands. We will integrate into your company and help steer the serverless ship.

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Adopting serverless like any new technology is a leap.

All parts of the organization need to adapt to the change in roles, responsibilities, technology, and new methods of building applications.

Don't just adopt serverless because it's new, maximize the move to serverless and find a serverless consulting partner that shares that vision.

What Our

Clients Say

I worked closely with the Serverless Guru team during an enterprise serverless migration. The team handled everything thrown at them and more. I would happily work with them again.

Bill Fine, VP of Product
Serverless Inc

Serverless Guru was able to help me get my app up and running on AWS with a fully automated CI/CD pipeline and the entire architecture defined with IAC in version control.

Hugh Kelsey, CTO
Connect Rocket Communications Inc.

Serverless Guru developed the backend and automated the deployment of both the backend and frontend of our app. Which has really helped streamline our development cycles.

Jason Alcaraz, CTO
BuildCenter Inc.

We were looking to streamline our development workflow with Serverless Framework on AWS for our development team. Serverless Guru helped re-build and migrate our services to optimize performance and deployment speeds.

Dave Squires, Head of Technology
Twenty Over Ten