Employee skill acquisition is a key ingredient to a
successful development team.

Why training?

Domain knowledge around your business and existing applications is invaluable.
It's key to try and train versus replace existing team members.
Having knowledgeable consultants has a multiplier effect when used to empower an existing team.

How to hire us?

After filling out our form, we will contact your company to learn more about why you're looking for serverless consulting and evaluate if our offering is the right fit.

What are the benefits?

Once we have context for your unique projects, team experience, and existing applications.
We will create tailored serverless training to lay a strong foundation and help accelerate migrations.
Through reusable patterns, videos, and presentations.

1,000+ Students

At Serverless Guru we do serverless training for developers on best practices of serverless everyday. We made a full comprehensive serverless development course which has over 1,000+ students.

The clients we work with are constantly blown away by the workshops and live training sessions we prepare. We don't give a generic training we tailor it to your business.

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