AWS Lambda Event Filtering w/ Amazon EventBridge

Starter template for filtering w/ AWS EventBridge

Key Features

3 Lambda functions with EventBridge rule as Event Source Trigger
3 Amazon EventBridge rules for default event bus
IaC written with Serverless Framework for easy reusability

Detailed Overview

This template, will take a look at a use-case that allows us to schedule AWS lambda function calls and custom event pattern matching based AWS lambda function calls using Amazon EventBridge. You can find the associated article on our blog.

Credit to Jaymit Bhoraniya

The entire PoC (proof-of-concept) uses IaC (infra-as-code) written with Serverless Framework. We also wrote an article diving deeper into this template which you can find on our blog.

Serverless Framework

Jaymit Bhoraniya

Jaymit Bhoraniya is a Serverless Developer at Serverless Guru, AWS Community Builder, Technology Enthusiastic, Content Creator, and Surfer