#38 - Anthony Campolo


May 10, 2021

On this episode of the Talking Serverless podcast host, Josh Proto is delighted to be joined by Mr. Anthony Campolo for another exciting session! A Developer Advocate at StepZen, Anthony, has worked extensively on many Open-Source projects. He is the Lead Developer Advocate on the RedwoodJS Core team, where he contributes articles, podcasts, and presentations about the framework. Moreover, he is a well-experienced techie with experience in different frontend, backend, and deployment technologies.

Hear Josh and Anthony discuss different value propositions around AWS CDK, AWS SAM, SLS framework and how those topics and accessibility are being considered on RedwoodJS! Also, hear how to pick a good Coding Bootcamp, and more in this JAMstacked episode!

If you want to follow this guest on social media you can find him here on Twitter @ajcwebdev