#57 - Simon Mac Donald

Advanced Tools in the Serverless Ecosystem

May 15, 2024

Delve into the world of advanced tools in the serverless ecosystem with our special guest, Simon Mac Donald from Begin!

Simon has over twenty years of development experience and has worked on a variety of projects, including object-oriented databases, police communication systems, speech recognition, and unified messaging. His current focus is contributing to the open-source projects Architect and Enhance to enable developers to create functional web applications. Simon’s been building web applications since they were written using shell scripts-- he still has nightmares about those dark days.

In this episode we:

  • Decode Functional Web Apps (FWAs) and their significance in today's development landscape.
  • Explore the aws-lite SDK, Begin's lightweight alternative to traditional AWS SDKs, revolutionizing interactions with AWS.
  • Uncover the Enhance framework, a full-stack approach to web development, designed to streamline the process in a serverless environment.
  • Shift our focus to Architect, Begin's deployment tool, simplifying and enhancing the deployment experience for serverless applications.
  • Dive into the future of serverless technology and Begin's role in shaping it.


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