#58 - Dr. Tim Wagner

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June 25, 2024

The past and the future collide as we hear theFather of Serverless’ thoughts on its inception, its impact, and ultimately its future!

Dr. Tim Wagner has been called the "Father of Serverless" for his role in creating AWSLambda, the world's first serverless compute service during his time at AWS, and for his passionate championing of the serverless community and ecosystem. Dr. Wagner also served as the VP of Engineering at Coinbase, where he got a front row seat to the world of regulated commercial blockchains. With his current startup, Vendia, Tim and his co-founder, Shruthi Rao, have brought these two formerly separate ideas together to create the world's first cloud-based, hyperscaled, serverless distributed ledger for business data.Throughout his career, Dr. Wagner has focused on empowering developers and companies alike by focusing on the elimination of toil from the experience ofdeveloping business applications.

In this Episode:

  • Tim's perspective on the current state of serverless
  • Unexpected outcomes since the release of AWS Lambda
  • The Vision Behind Vendia
  • Pushing Limits of DistributedComputing
  • Building teams and bringing new tools to market
  • Empowering Innovators

So long and thanks for the servers!


About Vendia:

Businesses today face the crippling consequences of data sprawl. Scattered data leads to tool overload, poor data quality, and inadequate sharing solutions that can't keep up with the complex needs of modern enterprises.

Vendia is the future of collective data intelligence, combining smart APIs, databases, and distributed ledger technology inside a single platform. Vendia’s data automation cloud makes it easy to share data inside and outside of the organization in real time and with full visibility, governance, and control. 

Companies such as BMW, Delta Airlines, Resolution LifeInsurance, and Fannie Mae use Vendia to automate contextual and compliant data flows between any-to-any systems for a harmonized, accurate view of data that unlocks speed, innovation, and cost savings. Learn more at Vendia.com