AWS API Gateway Custom Lambda Authorizer with Serverless Framework

Ryan Jones
August 5, 2020

Key Features

Handle AWS Cognito Access Token
Handle AWS Cognito Id Token
IAC (infra-as-code) via Serverless Framework
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Detailed Overview

In this template you will learn what it looks like to build an AWS Lambda custom authorizer for AWS API Gateway.

You will also find a full IAC (Infra-as-code) setup with Serverless Framework that deploys all the resources.

In total 4 lambda functions are created, two that act as the AWS Lambda custom authorizers and two that attach that custom AWS Lambda authorizer for confirming it works properly.

You could easily take this template and trial different authentication scenarios out in a POC (proof-of-concept) setup then copy that tailored version to your actual serverless architecture.

Ryan Jones

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