Reduce AWS Lambda package size with ESBuild

Dharmendra Singh
January 26, 2022

Key Features

Example project leveraging Serverless ESBuild plugin
Inclusion of package individually option
Simple Serverless Framework project to help reduce cold start
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Detailed Overview

In this template you'll find a simple example project for reducing AWS Lambda package sizes via a Serverless Framework plugin called serverless-esbuild. You can find the corresponding article on our blog.

By using the serverless-esbuild plugin you can let ESBuild reduce the final AWS Lambda zip before it's uploaded to AWS. This simple plugin can help you massively reduce your AWS Lambda package sizes while still working with other Serverless Framework options like "packageIndividually".

Dharmendra Singh

Senior Serverless Developer

Dharm is an AWS Community Builder and Senior Serverless Developer at Serverless Guru, specializing in serverless application development.

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