AWS Step Functions Serverless Orchestration Workflow

Jaymit Bhoraniya
January 18, 2022

Key Features

IaC (Infra-as-code) defined in Serverless Framework
Full working template for building a serverless AWS step functions orchestration workflow
Multiple Lambdas with error handling to show a real-world use-case
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Detailed Overview

In this template you will find a working template for building a serverless AWS step functions orchestration workflow with multiple AWS Lambda functions and error handling. You can find the associated article on our blog.

The IaC (Infrastructure-as-code) is written using Serverless Framework and easily able to be copied for your own use-case with minor tweaks.

Jaymit Bhoraniya

Senior Serverless Developer at Serverless Guru

Jaymit Bhoraniya is a Serverless Developer at Serverless Guru, AWS Community Builder, Technology Enthusiastic, Content Creator, and Surfer

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