Kafka with Amazon MSK + Serverless Framework

End-to-end Amazon MSK IAC for Running Kafka on AWS

Key Features

Run Kafka on AWS
Serverless Framework + CloudFormation
Best Practice Amazon MSK IAC

Detailed Overview

This pattern will give you what you need to build a full end-to-end Kafka implementation with Amazon MSK.

There are various IAC stacks which are included in this pattern:

  • MSK
  • VPC
  • Lambda
  • SSM
  • Client Machine

We strive at Serverless Guru to be on the forefront of AWS development for our clients and this is a great example of the kind of work Serverless Guru does.

Serverless Framework
AWS CloudFormation

Edu Marcos

Edu Marcos is a Senior Serverless Developer at Serverless Guru, an AWS Community Builder, and believes in the serverless first mindset.