Deploy React/Angular/Vue to AWS with a CI/CD

Leverage AWS CodePipeline to deploy frontend apps

Key Features

Learn How To Deploy Frontend Apps to AWS
Learn How to Automate CI/CD Pipelines with Serverless Framework
Leverage AWS S3 Static Hosting

Detailed Overview

This pattern will show how to host Angular/React/Vue frontend applications on S3 with a CI/CD pipeline that is configured using Serverless framework and CloudFormation.

The CI/CD Pipeline is a mix of AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodeBuild, and AWS CodeDeploy. This pattern also includes AWS S3 static hosting.

For good measure, there is also an AWS Lambda Function included!

Serverless Framework
AWS CloudFormation

Almir Zulic

Almir Zulic is a Senior Serverless Developer at Serverless Guru who specializes in building enterprise serverless applications.